Digital Score • 2

APP TIPS Amongst the many applications designed for music reading, I have chosen Forscore after trying a good number of them. Once installed the iPadPro becomes a very powerful tool for any musician that needs to read a score. As usual every professional or amateur musician will dedicate a long time to prepare the score; … Continue reading Digital Score • 2

Digital Score

A FEW WORDS BEFORE THE MUSIC (edition) BEGINS Ever since music was notated it has undergone many changes in its symbolic representation in order to meet a particular aesthetic trend. Be it handwritten or printed, every music score is and has always been bounded to its physical  "carrier": parchment (skin) or paper. The digital era … Continue reading Digital Score

Conquest of the Useless

This eye catching title is from a book by renowned film director Werner Herzog and it is the result of his notes during the making of his seminal film Fitzcarraldo shot in the Amazonia of Peru (Iquitos). Here's an interesting article about it in the New Yorker. There isn't a more useless activity than that … Continue reading Conquest of the Useless

How not to talk about soccer

We recorder players are always delighted to find someone who knows about the mere existence of our instrument outside the scope of our small world of connoisseurs. The most famous "outsider" ever was Umberto Eco. A professor of semiotics that became very popular when his best-selling fiction book "The name of the Rose" was made … Continue reading How not to talk about soccer


ADSA / Amplificación Digital de Señales Acústicas En este post quiero ofrecer una guía rápida para aquellos que quieran introducirse en los principios del procesamiento del sonido de origen acústico por medios electrónicos digitales. Procuraré dejar claros una serie de conceptos básicos preliminares (probablemente muchos de ellos conocidos por los lectores) y seguir con los … Continue reading ADSA

The key issue

The addition of keys on wind instruments is a practice that has a long historical tradition and its variables are almost countless. My post will deal with just one key: the one that covers the bell hole (BH) of a recorder. In recorder original repertoire the call for the use of BH closing is scarce … Continue reading The key issue

Back from Banff

A couple of weeks before starting my residence program in The Banff Centre I wrote a short post about some ideas I wanted to work on. My goal was to implement a binaural listening system that could be both effective and inexpensive. Broadcasting the sound using radio frequency could be the best way to avoid … Continue reading Back from Banff

Going binaural at Banff

The Banff Centre • inspiring creativity The Banff Centre is one of the world's leading institutions for the development of creative projects. The following is a summary of the research proposal that I submitted. As a result of this proposal I obtained a grant as a musician in residence.   Following a recent conversation with … Continue reading Going binaural at Banff

Scores for share

A series of arrangements for recorder in my public DB folder for everyone to share alike.

You don’t have a Paetzold?!!!!

It so happens that if you don’t have a Paetzold you won’t be allowed a place amongst “contemporary” players. This just piles up over a multitude of taboos that set barriers in our small recorder world and make it even smaller and more frictional. We tend to forget that what we play is just an … Continue reading You don’t have a Paetzold?!!!!