How not to talk about soccer

We recorder players are always delighted to find someone who knows about the mere existence of our instrument outside the scope of our small world of connoisseurs. The most famous "outsider" ever was Umberto Eco. A professor of semiotics that became very popular when his best-selling fiction book "The name of the Rose" was made … Continue reading How not to talk about soccer


Scores for share

A series of arrangements for recorder in my public DB folder for everyone to share alike.

You don’t have a Paetzold?!!!!

It so happens that if you don’t have a Paetzold you won’t be allowed a place amongst “contemporary” players. This just piles up over a multitude of taboos that set barriers in our small recorder world and make it even smaller and more frictional. We tend to forget that what we play is just an … Continue reading You don’t have a Paetzold?!!!!